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Poster: stbalbach Date: Jul 3, 2010 6:50pm
Forum: texts Subject: MIME type not set for DjVu downloads

The server is not sending the proper MIME type when downloading a DjVu file from the main work page. Rather MIME is set to "text". Thus the LizardTech DjVu plugin doesn't recognize it as a DjVu file, it depends on a correct MIME type.

Apparently Firefox got around this problem by including a built-in DjVu viewer and using the file extension to determine file type. However the built-in Firefox DjVu viewer is poor quality and old, the LizardTech plugin is preferable with more features and better quality.

One can get around the problem by going to HTTP:Files and clicking on the DjVu file there, which does have the proper MIME type set (see MIME type under Tools/Page Info (Firefox)). This problem should be easily corrected on the server side.

Note: If you test it with Firefox, loading a DjVu file will work, but only because your using the built-in DjVu viewer which is old and poor quality. Using the DjVu plugin is the preferred method, but it only works if the MIME type is set on the server side, as described above.